YL Doll (TPE)

YL Doll (Your Doll) are an established manufacturer of high quality affordable sex dolls.

YL Doll design their own body and head moulds with production taking place at the WM Doll factory. The production processes are the same so the high quality you'd expect from a WM Doll is also found in a YL Doll.

YL Doll use high quality TPE to create a beautifully realistic skin and a flexible metal skeleton with a great range of movement for your preferred sexual positions. The advanced skeleton is supplied as standard, this includes shrugging shoulders, twisting waist, twin neck joints and hinged hands all for ultra realistic movement.

Heads are hand painted by specialized make up artists with the make up as shown in the head images.

YL Doll and OR Doll come under the WM Doll banner making all 3 ranges of heads and bodies interchangeable.

These high end materials combined with a rigorous quality controlled manufacturing process have helped YL Doll gain worldwide recognition for realism and quality at an affordable price.

Limited Period Special Offer - Buy Any Doll and Choose An Additional Head For The Reduced Price Of £225.00

Simply select the additional head, wig style and eye colour from the drop down boxes to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

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  1. YL 166cm Head # 356
    YL 166cm Head # 356

    Discounted Extra Head

    Manufacturer: YL Doll (TPE)
    Body: 166cm
    Head: #356
    Skin: Tan
    Special Price £1,545.00 Regular Price £1,599.00

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