Order process and shipping

Our dolls are the genuine, premium, luxury products as shown in the photos. With our easy ordering process you can choose the preselected "Same as image" box or you can select the available custom options to make her unique to you. Once you’ve selected the custom options simply add to cart and proceed to the fully secure payment screen.
UK stock dolls will then be despatched by your preferred delivery method.
If ordering a custom built import then we'll check the specification for you and forward the details to the factory. Each manufacturer’s production times vary slightly, typically delivery to yourself will take 2-4 weeks from when the order is placed. We will keep you informed of the order progress on a regular basis and photos can be sent from the factory prior to the order being despatched.
Once your doll has been produced it will be shipped to our warehouse using our own airfreight courier account. All orders are delivered in a plain box with no reference to the contents. We also add extra packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. All charges will be sent to us as we take care of the complete import procedure.

Delivery options for dolls in UK stock;

  1. Free next working day delivery is available on orders placed before midday. (Excludes North Scotland, NI and offshore locations. - Please contact us for a quote to these areas)

  2. We can deliver the same day or on a specific day to suit you with our personal delivery service. This is ideal if delivery is required at a certain time or if the order needs to be taken upstairs for example. Please contact us for a quote on this option.

  3. Collection is available by prior arrangement.

Please specify your preferred method in the delivery comments box during the ordering process. Alternatively please call, email, or click on the live chat icon if you have any questions.

Delivery options for custom made imported orders;

  1. Your order will be delivered to our warehouse where we inspect it and add extra packaging. It’s then forwarded to you for a specific delivery date using our UK courier service. (Mainland only, excludes North Scotland) There are no additional charges for this service.

  2. Your order can be delivered to our warehouse and then delivered in person by one of our team. You can unpack your doll in private or accompanied and we’ll dispose of the packaging for you if required. This personal delivery service is only available to certain areas of the UK and is chargeable. Please contact us for a quote if this is your preferred delivery method.

  3. Collection is available by prior arrangement.


We understand the importance of our customer’s privacy and discretion. To put your mind at ease we ensure each step of the process is carried out discreetly with several delivery options available. The transaction will appear as SSD UK on your statement, there won’t be any reference to Seduction Sex Dolls or the product description itself.
The doll is shipped in a plain box without any pictures or description on it. It will be sent from the factory to our warehouse at which point we'll discreetly contact you to arrange the forward delivery. Courier delivery drivers won't know what’s in the box.
Please rest assured that the whole order and delivery process will be conducted in a professional and discreet manner.

Payment options

Payment can be made by the following methods
Debit or credit card through our secure website or over the phone.
Paypal – Using your existing account or by card.
Paypal Credit – 4 Months interest free credit. (Terms apply)
Bank transfer – Our bank details are available upon request.
Cash – Please contact us for further information.

Product FAQ's

TPE vs Silicone?

There are pros and cons to both but overall we think TPE has the edge. Here are the main differences to help you.

TPE Pros
More realistic, softer material means breasts and buttocks are squeezable and will wobble.
More flexible at the joints so easier to manipulate and varied sexual positions.
Cheaper to purchase.
Retains heat.

TPE Cons
Harder to clean, can't be sterilized.
Prone to mould if not cleaned and dried correctly.
Prone to staining from dark or strong colours.
Less heat resistant (can be affected by extreme temperatures)

Silicone Pros
Easier to clean and maintain, silicone can be sterilized.
Less likely to stain.
Greater heat resistance.
More durable.

Silicone Cons
Harder material so breasts and buttocks won't wobble in a realistic way.
More rigid on the joints.
Doesn't retain heat.

Fixed Vagina vs Removable?

Fixed Pros
More realistic.
Less chance of causing damage through not having to remove and replace the vagina.

Fixed Cons
Harder to clean.

Removable Pros
Easier to clean.
Can be replaced.

Removable Cons
Less realistic.
More chance of causing damage when removing and replacing the vagina.

Standing Feet vs None Standing?
We recommend the standing foot option as we don't charge extra and it has other advantages.
You can stand your doll for photo's and more realistic interaction in general. It also makes it easier to dress her and enables standing sexual positions.
Bear in mind there are visible studs that protrude from the bottom of the foot and the foot movement is restricted to downwards only.
Over time the joints will loosen which may eventually limit the dolls ability to stand.

Doll use, care & maintenance

Purchasing a sex doll companion of this quality costs money so please take care of her. Its important to handle her carefully, clean her after every use and to store her correctly.
Use the guides below to help keep your doll in the best condition for years to come.

Unpacking and Handling
Carefully unpack your doll, don’t stick a knife straight through the box and into her.
Use the protective packaging or blankets to lay her on during unpacking. She will be heavy so always use best practise when lifting. Bend at the knees not with your back and have a plan of where you are moving to with a clear path.
Leave the hands and feet protected and ensure you have no sharp objects like a belt buckle that could damage her. Also check her fingers can’t be crushed against herself during lifting.
There might be slight creases on the skin from where she has been in the box. These will reduce and disappear overtime.
We recommend new dolls are gently cleaned a few times to remove residue left from the manufacturing process. A mild soap and a soft cloth is ideal. Gently wipe over the skin and dab dry with a clean towel, talcum powder can then be applied.

Doll use & Movement
Familiarise yourself with the dolls movements, the joints will be stiff initially and will loosen over time. Use 2 hands to move the joints, one acting as a support and the other to perform the movement. Avoid over stretching or leaving her stretched for long periods as this can cause weakening of the skin.
Gently experiment with her until you’re confident of her movements. Standing the doll may take some practice to find the balance. Bear in mind large breasted top heavy dolls might be difficult to stand. Always ensure she is in a safe position and can’t fall damaging herself, you or your belongings.
When practicing sexual positions avoid putting weight on her hands as they contain small joints that can break under load.

You should clean your doll every time you have sex with her, this is for your own health and to prolong the lifespan of your doll. We recommend using the cleaning pump provided in the box. Use a light soap and water to clean inside the orifice. Then rinse with water to remove the soap. Dab dry any access water and ideally hang your doll so she can air dry. Talc can be applied to remove any remaining light moisture. Its important orifices are dried fully to prevent mould. Never use a hair dryer or vigorously rub with a towel as these methods will cause permanent damage.

Storage and doll care
All seduction sex dolls are supplied with a hanging kit. Ideally your doll should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. She should be straight with her arms by her side to reduce folds and joint stress. If using the kit please ensure what you are hanging her on is sturdy enough to support the weight.
Dark and vibrant colours on clothing or other fabrics can cause staining to the dolls skin. Wash all new garments several times to remove access colour and avoid dressing her in dark colours for long periods of time. Elastic straps on clothing can also leave indentations so again please avoid having them in contact with the skin for long periods. Maintenance is important to prolong the life of your doll.
We recommend applying talcum powder to her skin to keep it smooth and also baby lotion as this will keep the skin flexible and reduce the risks of tearing over time. Apply one of the above on alternate 2 week periods. (So don’t apply the lotion and talc during the same treatment.)